20 Fascinating Facts About Education Around The World

Education varies a little on each continent, in each country all over the world. While the similar discussions are heard such as the right time at which to start essential education and the perfect length for a school day, the solutions different people turn up with differ very much. It is very interesting to look into this information, and it doesn’t take long before you understand that learning across the globe is, in the end, diverse although we all pretty much study the similar things. Continue reading “20 Fascinating Facts About Education Around The World”

7 barriers to education around the world

Most of us say that education is the key to success, others say that education is power, but the reality is; no matter how important education is, some children still lack access to this crucial part of life. We would expect that each and every child around the world gains access to education since it plays a great role in shaping their lives. However, no matter how much a child may be willing to get educated, various constraints hinder them from the best education they are entitled. Ranging from factors like their social status to things like the environment in which they grow up in, children may find themselves hindered from quality education. Covered below are some common barriers that limit access to education. Continue reading “7 barriers to education around the world”

The Groundbreaking Virtual Classroom Platform That Can Change Your School Forever

The Rise of the Virtual Classroom

Teaching in the twenty-first century is moving online. The idea that classrooms must be land-based and these students have to go to a physical location in order to learn is truly a notion that predates the Information Age. Funding for both private and public education has always been in flux, leaving almost all students vulnerable to changes in the economy and to the politics of their day. Continue reading “The Groundbreaking Virtual Classroom Platform That Can Change Your School Forever”

How is IT making a revolution in education?

The constant progress of information technology has made a serious impact on education worldwide for the last couple of years, and the impact keeps growing. Any form of supposedly modern education institution operating without the help of technology is not much likely to succeed today. Thus, the way that we study and learn is going to change dramatically.  Thanks to all the interactive programs widely accessible for both mentors and learners, e-education constantly gains more and more popularity and trust. Continue reading “How is IT making a revolution in education?”

How to effectively learn a foreign language by ourselves

With the development of new technologies, learning a foreign language is no longer a taboo topic. Today the number of people, who prefer to learn a foreign language by themselves within their comfort of their own homes is increasing, but many of them face two main issues – one is in relation with acquiring a level of linguistic competence (textbooks, practices etc.), the other is connected with psychology. Continue reading “How to effectively learn a foreign language by ourselves”