20 Fascinating Facts About Education Around The World

Education varies a little on each continent, in each country all over the world. While the similar discussions are heard such as the right time at which to start essential education and the perfect length for a school day, the solutions different people turn up with differ very much. It is very interesting to look into this information, and it doesn’t take long before you understand that learning across the globe is, in the end, diverse although we all pretty much study the similar things.

As you can picture, there are somehow some interesting truths about education from across the planet and in this piece we are going to examine 20 of them.

1. For distant students residing in remote regions in Australia, the school of the Air transmits tutorials through radio signals.

2. City Montessori School, India, is the biggest school among all the schools in the world. It has more than 32,000 students.

3. Children from China get the most assignment with teens in Shanghai doing an astounding 14 hours a week at the kitchen desk.

4. In Pakistan, kids do not have a lawful right to free learning and the required education is only for ages between five and nine.

5. Children in Chile get three months off because summer holidays take place starting mid-December to the start of March.

6. France is the country that has the longest school day and shortest school year.

7. In Germany, kids are provided with a particular cone known as Schultute that comprises of pens, mini books, pencils, snacks and some presents. They can only open the cone when they begin schooling.

8. Children in Canada learn their lessons in both English and French.

9. Lunch is a significant occasion in Brazil. Kids, therefore, begin school at 7 am and go home at noon to have food with their parents.

10. All children in Holland start school on their 4th birthday. This means there is constantly a new kid in class.

11. The King’s School, Canterbury, in England, is the globe’s old boarding school. The school was established in 1567 and offers modern learning with updated quality tools and materials.

12. Russian kids begin school on First of September (Knowledge Day). It doesn’t matter which day it falls on.

13. Turin, a school in Italy, is the planet’s smallest school with one student.

14. The planet’s oldest school beginning ages, seven years, is in Finland. The country has one of top successful learning systems.

15. Boys and girls in Iran are taught separately until they get to university. Tutors also, have to be of the same sex as the classes they tutor.

16. While most children in Kenya don’t have to go school, many of them do.
17. Bangladesh has over 100 solar powered boat schools with internet accessibility and a library. This is due to the flooding issues faced by the nation.

18. American teacher, Agnes Zhelesnik, 101 years old, is the world’s oldest teacher.

19. Knitting is one of the subjects learned in Icelandic schools.

20. At 5,373 meters above the sea, Phumachangtang, Tibet, I considered the Highest School on earth.

It is good to state that learning is delivered in exclusive methods and places around the globe and anywhere you go you will come across kids learning and expanding in their particular means.