Educational Facts from Around the World

1. As of the year 2012, there were 31 million students all over the world that dropped out of school. In addition to this 32 million students had to repeat a grade.

2. In the sub-Sahara region of Africa, 11.07 million children do not finish their primary education. In the South and Western parts of Asia there are 13.54 primary school dropouts.
3. Girls are less likely to begin attending school, but boys are more likely to repeat a grade or drop out. A competitive book drive can benefit a shelter near you.
4. According to information from the UNESCO, there are 61 million school ages children that are not enrolled in school. Out this 47% were not expected to attend , 26% left school, and 27% are expected to go to school in the future.
5. Children that live in rural areas are twice as likely to drop out than children that live in urban area. Children that are wealthy are four times more likely to attend school than the poorest 20 percent of children.
6. In developing countries, education can increase a student’s future income by 10 percent on average.
7. Women that are less education have 2.5 children on average while educated women on average have 1.7 children.
8. Women that have a primary education are 13 percent more likely to use condoms and practice safe sex.
9. Over fifty percent of the children in the world that do not attend school are female. Two thirds of the illiterate people in the world are also female.
10. Education will allow women to make healthy choices. For example women in Mali with a secondary education have an average of three children, while women with no education have an average of seven children.
11. South America and Europe have the highest literacy rates in the world with at least 90 % of the popular able to read. Africa has the lowest rates. Below 50% of the children in Africa can read.