Educational Online Games for Kids

Finding games for children that are both enjoyable and educational can be a little difficult when looking online. However, below are a few games that both parents and schools both agree on.

1. Gamestar Mechanic: Children who play this game will be able to learn how to design and build video games of their own, which can come in handy in the future if they decide to become video game developers.

2. Math Blaster: This incredibly fun game makes learning math not a hassle. It is one of the most played math games available, and is sure to help students who struggle in mathematics.

3. Quest Atlantis: An incredibly popular game in many schools, this game provides lessons on everything from Science to Social Studies for both elementary and middle school students.

4. Whyville: Whyville is a bit like a social networking site in that they can socialize with their friends. However, unlike a social networking site, they make their own unique avatars and they play educational games.

5. Minecraft: One if the most popular games among children and adults, this game allows students to learn problem-solving skills while being able to create.

6. Manga High: Although this game has the option to pay for complete access, there are a few free games available. It has a variety of levels for students to learn math while having fun.

7. 20Q: An online version of 20 Questions that helps children learn reasoning skills.

8. Ology: A game that has all of the fun of a museum without leaving the house. Kids can learn all about paleontology, astronomy, genetics, and so much more with this game that was created by the Museum of Natural History.

9. Gamequarium: This site is a one stop shop for students who love to game, but need help with school. There are a variety of games that cover many topics to help elementary school students, middle school students, and even students who are homeschooled.

10. FunBrain: With a multitude of learning games for children to play, that have been approved by parents, there is no better place to go. Games like Grammar Gorillas, Reading Arcade, and Math Baseball are a few of the best games on the site that are sure to become instant favorites for the kids at home.