French, levels from A1 to C2. The language courses and individual lessons at gives you an opportunity quickly and easily learn the necessary grammar and vocabulary for your personal or professional success. They are tailored to your personal time, your level of proficiency in French and your own preferences on the method of teaching.

The platform allows the clients to determine the most convenient time when to take the classes or the lessons and to discuss with the tutor (chosen by you) why you want to learn French and how you will use it.

The needs of different people vary. More and more people need to take various certificates in order to apply for a job, university, or just want to learn the language for personal purpose. Therefore you have to discuss this with your tutor. In two words - say what you want so that we can help you!

Determine your level of knowledge of the language by taking an entrance level online test, consult with your tutor, choose an individual training or a group session and start your training with The courses take place in modules of 50 hours and individual lessons modules in 10 hours (1 school hours is 45 minutes). After completion of each module, you can continue with the next one. One level may require 2-3 modules.

If you are a student and you need help to prepare for exams or entrance exams at foreign universities, this is the place for you. The preparation program includes:

  • Grammar. Although is innovative platform and steps on the online education we believe that the best way to learn grammar is by doing a lot of grammar exercises. The difference with the traditional schools is that the platform with the help of your tutor will allow you to concentrate only on these areas where you need help.
  • Listening comprehension. The interactive method of online learning makes these types of exercise more enjoyable and easy. Online communication is a relatively new kind of communication aiming to make it more efficient since it is very similar to watching movies when the speaker is not in front of you physically. The purpose of this step is to train your listening comprehension skills.
  • Sample tests. Solving sample tests is important because it reduces the stress of the real exam, and gives a clear idea of what the exam will be. Many of the questions in these sample test are very similar to the questions in the real tests so you will be prepared for the entrance exams.
  • Assessment. Besides the option to watch again your taken classes so that you can strengthen your knowledge in certain areas the platform offers you also opportunity to take online tests in real time.

In the case that you are looking for professional development through the achievement of certified level of French, so that you can practice in international environment, the training can be divided in two groups.
  • If you are completely new to the French language and for you it is mysterious and incomprehensible, then you start form the most basic level. In that case you will emphasize on the communication and not so much on learning grammar and making grammar exercises. The key is to learn the most common words and phrases. This corresponds to level A1.
  • You want to reinforce the received knowledge base and to upgrade to the extent that you can handle calls in different social circles? Suitable for slightly advanced in French. This corresponds to level A2.
  • The third step is gradually breaking away from the communicative method, where you became more confident in informal communication and business situations. You start using more grammar in your vocabulary and the purpose of this level is to teach you to handle situations where it is required your fast reaction . It is level B1.
  • Free communication with people in the local environment is difficult, even when speaking in their own language. In French it is also as difficult as it is in French, but the fourth level of training ensures that you will master these qualities with the help of our qualified tutors. This level is suitable for people with previous experience with French language, who wants to further enrich their knowledge or just refresh their current level. This is level B2.
  • If by the fifth level of training in you don’t master the French language with all its specifics, then you will still be able to speak confidently and smoothly and increase the probability of success when applying for serious jobs or introduce your project in your corporate environment. It is level C1-C2.

Determine your language level, consult your tutor and start your training with! The courses take place in modules of 50 school hours and individual lessons modules in 10 hours. After completion of each module, you can continue with the next. One level may require 2-3 modules.