Frequently asked questions

  1. What do I need to use the platform?
    You need a computer, good Internet connection, camera (built-in or external), microphone, headset and motivation.
  2. How much do I charge for my lessons?
    You decide how much to charge for your lessons.
  3. How many hours and when I have to teach?
    You decide when to teach and together with the client determine the schedule of the classes.
  4. How to get more students?
    How many students you will have depends on the prices, your qualifications and reviews. To increase the number of the students who want to take classes with you, you can share your profile with the social media buttons on your profile and ask friends to do it also. You can also ask former students to write reviews for you, etc.
  5. What are group lessons?
    In the group lessons you have 4-5 students together. The system allows it. So if you teach 7th grade math you will have 4-5 students who need help with 7th grade math tutoring. The difference is in the price. If you charge 30$ per individual lesson then in the group lesson you can charge each kid 10$ per lesson and altogether to receive 40-50$ per lesson.
  6. Who owns the intellectual rights of the content I produce on your platform?
    Any content you create on our platform is your ownership. We will just charge you a small commission from any sale you make for using our tools to create it.
  7. How to handle issues with intellectual rights of the content?
    Any material or file you use during your lessons with the students is your own responsibility to settle the intellectual rights. If there is any problem in regards to that it will be your responsibility to settle the problem. Meanwhile we will take it out from the system until the problem is solved. In the case when you see that an user is using a content you have created then together we can let the appropriate authorities to take care of that and you can put any charges to that person if you want.
  8. Am I an employee of Your Tutor LLC?
    No you are not an employee of Your Tutor LLC. You have relationship/provide service to the clients (students or adults). We just provide you the tool (software) in order for you to provide that service. For providing that tools we charge you small commission for the money you will receive for your service. Your Tutor LLC also will act as an agent to collect the money from your clients and distribute it to you at the end of an agreed period.
  9. I have enough current students. What to do I do?
    You can buy a teaching account from us on a monthly subscription base and use the virtual classroom with as many students you want and as many times per month as you want. We will take no commission from your lessons and the only financial liability you have is this monthly subscription.
  10. If I have technical problem?
    You can write to the support department at any time and we will solve the problem.
  11. How to learn to use the platform?
    In your profile you will have a test classroom where you can practice. Also there over 10 training videos, this shows you different features. Of course if you still have troubles just write us and will do a personal training with you.
  12. How do I receive my money?
    At the end of the month you will receive in your bank account the money for the classes you have taught during the month.
  13. How is different from the other tutoring platform? Why should I choose you?
    Unlike most online tutoring platforms, which uses skype or google hangouts we offer a professional virtual classroom designed for teaching. This will allow you to give to your students the same quality of service as you do offline. In additional you can give them tests on our system and they can watch a content you have created for them. From technical point of view, our platform is one of the best in the world, which you can see from the sample video or in your test classroom. There is no need to install anything or to buy additional devices.
  14. How do I close or delete my account?
    When you want to do it, just send us an e-mail and we will do it within 24 hours.
  15. How much does it cost for me as a teacher?

    1. There is a monthly subscription fee for the app.

    2. Creating content and video lessons is free, but you owe a 20% commission on the value of sold content.

    3. Using only our virtual whiteboard costs a monthly fee based number of uses.