How it works for me

Online tutoring is quickly growing market since it allows tutors to expand their market from their neighborhood to the whole world, giving them more customers, a more flexible schedule, and more opportunities.

Here are some of the benefits of our service compared to any simple video chat:

  • Our online software has tutoring specific tools such as virtual white-boards, media players, math and graphing software
  • It has great video and audio connection integrated with the tools above.
  • Provides to the student the same quality of teaching as s/he gets in the real classroom.
  • You have virtual cabinets where you can aupload different materials (office documents, pdf, video files), which you can use in the virtual classroom during the live lesson
  • You can create tests, which the students can take and they are graded automatically.
  • You have a messaging system with your students and communicate freely with them.

Besides the virtual classroom, which you can use for online live tutoring, you can use the platform to create your own content and sell/share ti with you students. Besides the standard office documents and pdf, this allows include the video files. You can create your own video courses very easy with our unique virtual classroom and you don’t have to be a computer expert to do it.

There are three ways for you to use the platform:

  1. You can become a tutor at www.yourtutor and to get additional students through the platform. We will take a small commission from each lesson you give.
  2. If you have a lot of students and you like our tool you can buy an account on a monthly subscription and use it with your current students. Invite them to join the platform now.
  3. You can create content and video courses and sell/share it with your students.