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Hi! I'm Marie Benjamin and I have worked as an independent tutor for the past 8 years and I thoroughly enjoy working with students and their parents. I promote good organizational and study skills and will assist students in any difficulties that they face with homework and studying. My passion is working with youth and adult learners in an informal or community environment. My experience in teaching commenced at the age of 18 where I worked for two years in an all-girls high school in the Southern Caribbean. Then, during my undergraduate studies at York University in Toronto, Canada, I continued building my experience as an educator by becoming involved in various volunteer opportunities. For instance, I held volunteer positions as a peer health educator at York University and literacy tutor in non profit organizations. During my studies I wrote critical and analytic essays, research papers and reports centered on topics of human rights, health in the third world, non formal education, economic development of the third world and immigrant cultures. In additional to this, I took courses in Global Politics, Issues in International Human Rights, Professional Writing and Caribbean Studies. On a whole, I thoroughly enjoy teaching and tutoring and will like to use these previous experiences to assist new students in succeeding in their endeavors. When I am not busy working, I enjoy swimming, reading, watching movies and catching up on my favorite TV shows.

Prepares for:

  • Homework and exercises
  • Catch up with school curriculum
  • Professional training
  • Work abroad training

A teacher in:

  • Independent Tutoring Agency

Tutor's philosophy:

Student-centered interactive lessons

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