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I have a postgraduate (MBA) degree in Finance. I am also a Certified Public Accountant, CPA. Courtesy of my undergraduate degree in Education, I have over 16-years teaching experience. After my first graduation, I worked in public High Schools and Senior Colleges. My role involved teaching my specialties: Math, Economics, and Accounting. I taught with professionalism and dedication towards my learner’s personal and educational development. I earned accolades from all the relevant stakeholders. This saw to my promotion to various ranks as my CV can attest. Following my postgraduate studies, I added another teaching proficient (Finance) in my credentials. I have taught the four areas in both classroom environment and on the online platform, under different examining bodies, including but not limited to ABE. My online teaching experience spans over seven years. I, therefore, have enough experience in group tutoring and on one-on-one. An advocate of Blooms Taxonomy, I integrate teaching methodologies that cater to individual learner needs in pursuit of a holistic development. I set myself free with learners to establish a supportive rapport for a productive interaction with all my learners: a mood of anxiety and tension is a barrier to learning. My sessions are a bundle of fun. A caring and passionate Tutor, I engage my learners to think outside the box. I always evaluate my students as we proceed with the lesson. In this way, I am able to determine the progress of my student(s) and, therefore, the appropriate instructional direction to take. A tech-savvy, I navigate the teaching tools on the Whiteboard, Skype, and Moodle with ease: to share files, draw diagrams, use mathematical symbols and notations.I am available at any time.

Prepares for:

  • Homework and exercises
  • Catch up with school curriculum
  • College entrance exams
  • Certifications
  • Professional training

A teacher in:

  • College College of Accountancy and Business

Tutor's philosophy:

Learning is fun as long as there's free communication

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