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I am a second-year adjunct instructor at a local university. I teach basic composition, argumentative composition, child/adolescent psychology, life span/human development, and introduction to psychology. I believe in providing an engaging atmosphere where learning is actually fun. I want my students to get the most out of their time with me and then be able to transfer what they've learned to their lives. I have formal training in elementary education. Nonetheless, as a substitute teacher, I was able to learn how to present lessons for middle and high school students. I am also a published author, a devoted wife, and proud mother.

Prepares for:

  • Homework and exercises
  • Certifications
  • Professional training

A teacher in:

  • College Shawnee State University

Tutor's philosophy:

I believe that learning not only has to be fun, but a student has to pinpoint what's in it for them. So, I base all of my classes on a transfer of learning component. I also utilize a flipped classroom where the students listens to lectures outside of class. They then come to class to discuss the lectures and ask questions. My tutoring goals are quite similiar. I'm here to help you understand the content and apply it.

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