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January 25, 2017 Street 1, #59-C, Bo. Carmelita Vega Baja, Puerto Rico Phone: (787) 345-1781 E-mail: fenix.i.gonzalez@gmail.com Skype: chambidbellezas My love for teaching came as an unexpected surprise. While abroad in Japan I was offered a job as an ALT because of the school’s need for a native English speaker. I became mesmerized with the art of helping to learn. As school was never interesting for me, I knew that helping others have a great experience while learning was my true calling. As a tutor I found that you can truly make a difference in the student's self-confidence and help them achieve their goals. I understood that together we can achieve great things. I continued this philosophy while working as a full time ESL teacher in South Korea. I returned to the U.S from South Korea this past December, and I am already missing the challenges and rewards of teaching ESL. As soon as I knew through social media that I was able to teach online, I knew that I had to apply to become a tutor. Having taught in “real classrooms” in Japan and in South Korea gave me tools that can be applied in a virtual ESL classroom. Tools such as knowing how to get and maintain students’ attention and how to encourage students to keep doing their best. I am looking forward to start this new challenge, the challenge of being a long distance or e-teacher. I believe that teaching is a two Way Street, a student needs to be encouraged by the teacher when they are struggling but, also praised when they are trying their best. A student that is doing well should be praised and encouraged Chongqing, Chinato continue to learn, as doing well means that the student has the capacity to continue in his/her learning. The teacher should come in to help the student no matter the student's stage in learning. I am TEFL certified. I know how to deal with different situations that students might encounter while learning English. I am very aware of how reading English is confusing because of the difficulty in pronunciation and intonation. I learned to encourage kids to their highest potential while working in classrooms in Asia, and I saw great results in the students’ advancement. Being a tutor requires being silly and showing the students that it is ok to make mistakes and encourage them to speak and practice English in front of others. I like challenge students so that they can be aware of their great potential. I make sure that both parents and students are satisfied with the lessons and reviews that I offer. At the end of the day the most important piece of this puzzle is the student and for him/her to be happy. I am looking forward to helping students reach their goals and encourage them through positive learning Thank you Fenix Isabella

Prepares for:

  • Homework and exercises
  • Catch up with school curriculum

A teacher in:

  • KJC in South Korea until December of 2016

Tutor's philosophy:

A teacher can truly make a difference in the student's self-confidence and help them achieve their goals. I understood that together we can achieve great things.

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Private lesson: $15.00 Join

Group 1 (4-5 students): $23.00 Join

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