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I am a finnish teacher of art and media. I have been 10 years the headmisstress in a school of art and music. I had two adult training companies . L´Art Ltd for unemployed designers and artests , which get in three years in my planned the permanent work. Some of them as a teacher , one Ph.D studied later. The second training company was Euroeducation of Oulu , where I trained small and medium companies for using European Union funds. Now I am the first year in a pension and whant still to give to the world some from my knowledges. I got the EU woman Innovation recognation in Berlin from ICT from the new graphical user system in connections by the net. I have the company following it at www.clickcall.fi. My two highschool examinations are from from my CV . The other one from ICT sector is Ph.D studies. I am living summers in Finland and winters in France close Paris with my france husband. I will take part to lead France country manager as well as to Finland based country manager work if you will agree.

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The world is build from kowledge

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