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I would like to enlighten the readers that I am just a citizen of the world who really loves his profession and breath it every single day. My passion for what I do distinguishes me from the others. Talking about the entity of my education- I would like to state that the major part of my education is equipped with the science of cognitive development and learning which is further carried out by establishing the coherent learning skills among the students and the adults. Since I was 16, I had this motivation, inspiration and aspiration to do something distinguished and productive that can make an impact on the brain- the engine of the body, therefore after realizing my competitiveness in terms of language I blended this very aspect with my philosophy , psychology and the theories of experience and life,. I'm graduated in Philosophy from the University of Brasilia I started working as a teacher in the small portuguese schools for foreigners,, then in a few years I started working with translation and proofreading in the companies and finally owrk for my self.This experience gave my ability to understand much more about Technical writing and academic writing besides give me the experience to work remotely, home based . I still feel that there is a long way to go and I wont stop until I reach the success. For me my success is can be able to use my abilities. I always have the ambition to reach the right point. About my hobbies, I love singing , travelling around the globe, physical fitness, meeting new people, listening to their life stories, to explore the world in terms of lifestyle , traditions , cultures and civilization. Look forward to be in touch with you. Best Regards

Prepares for:

  • Homework and exercises
  • Catch up with school curriculum
  • College entrance exams
  • Certifications
  • Professional training
  • Work abroad training

A teacher in:

  • Middle school CETEB
  • openlanguages.com

Tutor's philosophy:

As a teacher I know that one of the main features that you need is to listen their students in order to understand what exactly they looking for, cause each person is different and has different objectives and goals when try learning another language. Another key point is to create a reliable and open relationship with the person, so he or she can feel comfortable trying to speak a new word without getting embarrassed or uncomfortable. And finally is to know take advantage of all the resources currently available, such as videos on the Internet, tips on how to facilitate the pronunciation and dozens of quality texts and ebooks available on the net, all together form a strong learning network and within few months the person will notice a significant increase in your academic or professional performance or fluency in a new language if this is the case for you. .

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