What do I get?

For every parent the education of their kids is top priority because the education and the knowledge they receive in school will determine their future to a big extent. There are children who have trouble in school to keep with the curriculum and there are ambitious kids who just want additional help to prepare better for college exams. In both case they use help from tutors but the easiest way nowadays is to do it online.

What the benefits for your children if you use www.yourtutor.us:

  • No matter if you live in New York or in a small town, you have access to the best teachers.
  • If you live in a big city, you save time because you don’t have to travel to the place where the private or group lesson is carried out.
  • Class scheduling is strictly between the student/parent and the tutor.
  • You have the opportunity to watch the recorded lesson. This is an useful option when you want to see what was the quality of the teaching and also you kid can watch the lesson again to fill in any gaps.
  • There are no commissions or fees for you. You pay only whatever the tutor wants for his/her lesson.
  • On our platform you can watch any content/video course, which the tutors have created.
  • If you don’t find a good tutor, you can invite your current tutor to become a tutor at our platform and use our top notch virtual classroom. INVITE HIM/HER NOW.
  • The prices for the lessons are determined not by us but by our teachers. This leads to high competition and different prices. Just like in traditional offline lessons. You choose your teacher – we only select the best options for you based on the criteria you specified.